Powermark International is a full-service tooling manufacturer. It all starts with our in-house engineering. Our experienced engineers have the ability to take your project from concept to working design. They can also review existing part designs to ensure that a part is not only functional but also optimally moldable. All designs are jointly reviewed by the customer and project engineer prior to build.

Design in hand, Powermark International has the ability to produce single- and multi-cavity molds ranging from 25-ton to 600-ton, shuttle and rotary molds, prototype molds, and insert molds. Depending on the scope of the project and other customer requirements, tooling can be produced domestically and offshore.

With Powermark International, project oversight does not end with manufacture and testing. We also handle the delivery of all the tools that we produce. All molds are skidded and banded for easy handling.

Domestic Tooling Capabilities